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Zarine Manchanda is quite possibly the most credentialed young woman in India today. She is a rising media star in India as well as globally. Zarine has become a media sensation by being profiled over 20 times in major publications in 2021 alone, and she earned the rarest distinction of being covered by both leading business/political magazines for her successes as an award-winning young woman CEO/philanthropist, and glamour/lifestyle magazines due to her beauty and fashionable style.

Zarine’s unique and wide-ranging credentials include being a respected award-winning philanthropist and social activist as CEO of the Zarine Manchanda Foundation, a prolific Mumbai-based charity NGO that has administered 200 donation programs of food, clothing and other essentials to Mumbai’s poorest residents since its inception in 2019. Due to her outstanding charity work and in recognition of her inspirations, Princess Diana and Mother Teresa, Zarine has been labeled as “Princess of the Poor”, poised to be the “Mother of Millions” by the Times Group’s Femina magazine in their commemorative issue celebrating Women’s Day in March 2021.

With all these successes showcasing a uniquely empowered woman and role model, Zarine has appeared on the cover of FEMINA magazine; was separately named one of the “Fabulous 50 Women” by Femina in 2020; was named one of India Today’s “45 Most Influential Indians” commemorating their 45th anniversary edition in 2020. She also appeared in Forbes magazine multiple times as a renowned game-changer and icon of inspiration.

Zarine received awards from Economic Times for her multiple business expansion and received an award from the Times of India as a Young Philanthropist in January 2021.

In December 2021, Zarine Manchanda received the Nelson Mandela Peace Award which conferred a doctorate degree to Dr. Zarine Manchanda.

Also in 2021, Zarine received two National Awards for her charity work, one of which was conferred by the Governor of Maharashtra.

Zarine is also is an award-winning entrepreneur who has successfully launched businesses in various sectors, most notably as the founder of India’s first 7-star café in Mumbai which bears her name. Additionally, she has launched other businesses bearing her name in interior design, film production, premium security services, and take-out Cloud Kitchen food delivery for which she has been felicitated as young entrepreneur in multiple business expansion.

These successes have broadened Zarine’s appeal into other sectors. In December 2021, she was named Regional Director in Mumbai for the BRICS Chamber of Commerce & Industry, which fulfills important economic and trade policy objectives for India through its alignment with BRICS country members (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa.

And finally, Zarine’s movie star beauty and glamourous aura have launched her as a model, brand ambassador and showstopper at Mumbai’s most prestigious fashion galas, the Bombay Times Fashion Week.

It’s no wonder that Zarine’s profile in India’s Robb Report - whose subscribers are the country’s jet setters- was titled “Seven Star Wonder”, labeling Zarine as India’s new brand ambassador for all things luxurious.

Zarine Manchanda was born and raised in a prominent political family near Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh, the daughter of a Minister and successful businessman, near the home of the Dalai Lama.

Following university, she Moved to Mumbai to pursue her dream of becoming an actress.

Experiencing challenges breaking into the glamour industry; her struggle led Zarine to make a dramatic, life-changing career shift.

Wanting to build her own political base, Zarine established a charitable NGO, The Zarine Manchanda Foundation Aarey Colony, Mumbai, in 2019. In two years and in spite of COVID-related lockdowns, the Foundation administered approximately 200 food and clothing donation programs in Aarey Colony and Andheri, and is a top-rated, respected Foundation in Mumbai favoured by Mumbai’s Charity Commissioner’s Office.

With this success, Zarine made another bold move, venturing into the hospitality industry by opening a luxurious Café in Mumbai, Zarine Manchanda Café. Its slogan is: Delicious, Luxurious Spiritual Charm. I addition to the stylish and sophisticated décor and tableware, the Café’s USP is the offering of a blessing to its patrons and the ringing of Tibetan Bells from Dharamshala, Zarine’s birth home and the home of the Dalai Lama. Zarine’s interior design company, Zarine Manchanda Interiors, created the Café’s luxurious décor as well as the Foundation’s offices in Aarey Colony.

Still committed to her dream of being an actress, Zarine opened a production house, Zarine Manchanda Productions that will soon start producing international crossover content through its association with Los Angeles-based Lotus Entertainment Group. She will feature as the lead in a film directed by National Award-Winning director Arunaraje Patil, to be shot 4Q 2022.

Zarine’s media coverage includes:
> Forbes Magazine (“Icons of Inspiration”; “Business Icons” “Inspiring Leaders”; and “Game Changers”);
> Fortune Magazine (“In Conversation with Zarine Manchanda: A Remarkable Life Story and Unique Branding Concept”)
> Economic Times (“Inspiring Women Award” and “Award for Multiple Business Expansion”); “Zarine Manchanda: A Rising Entrepreneur”)
> Times of India (“Power Women Award”; “Zarine Manchanda: A New Breed that Represents Young Empowered Women”; Inspiring Social Worker Champions the Cause of the Poor”; Shining a Bright Light During the Darkest Days of COVID); Answering the Faraway Prayers of Blind Children” and “Zarine Manchanda Foundation Poised to Grow with 80g Certificate Now in Place”))
> India Today Magazine (“45 Celebrated Indians, Life-Changing Moments”)
> Outlook Magazine (“The Quintessential Young Woman of Substance”)
> Midday (“Zarine Manchanda: Limitless Possibilities for the Media Star”)
> Hindustan Times (“Zarine Manchanda Foundation: All About Good Deeds and Efforts”)
> Bombay Times (“Zarine Manchanda: Young Entrepreneur with a Difference”); Savour Gourmet Delicacies at this Luxurious Café”)
> Femina Magazine (“Fabulous 50 Women 2020”; “Empowered Woman and Role Model; Showstopper, Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Rising Politician”; “Poised to Become India’s Princess of the Poor and Mother of Millions”)
> Filmfare Magazine (Profile of Production House Zarine Manchanda Productions)
> HELLO INDIA launch issue (“Zarine Manchanda: Beauty and Benevolence”)
> Vogue Magazine (“Zarine Manchanda: Leading by Example”
> Robb Report (“Seven Star Wonder” and “Zarine Manchanda: The Rising Politician, Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Regional Director at BRICS CCI, Fashion Model and International Icon”)
> Business Vision Magazine (cover; “An Inspiration for All Women Entrepreneurs)
> CIO Times (cover, Top 5 Finest Women in Fashion Ruling the Industry)
> Innovative Zone Magazine (“Beauty & Benevolence, an International Icon”)
> Business Connect Magazine (“Beauty, Brains and Benevolence”)
> Business View Magazine (cover, “An Inspiration for All Women Entrepreneurs”)
> The Explore Magazine (cover, “Galaxy of Grace, Grace of Glory”)




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